Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day 47

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This afternoon we attended a memorial service at church for a friend who was only one year older than we are. We have known this couple for around 30 years. She died from Lewy Body Dementia which is similar to alzheimers. Then on Sunday we will be attending another memorial service for one of our former music pastors who also recently passed away from alzheimers. 

After the memorial service we learned that another of our friends (member of our bible study group on the far right in yesterday's photo) was in the hospital! My, my. Are last night's homemade chocolate chip cookies toxic?? Just kidding. Anyway, I called the hospital and sure enough he had been admitted, so we drove straight from church to the hospital to visit Stan. Hopefully he will come home tomorrow afternoon after more tests, but he was in good spirits and all seems as good as one could hope.

And that, my friends, is why we need to find some younger ones to fellowship with. There will only be more of this in our future! I suppose we should have thought of this years ago and been on the lookout for that younger crowd to hang out with, but then they would one day be saying "We need younger friends!" And so it goes. They call it the circle of life, but I see a finish line, so perhaps it is not a circle at all.

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