Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day 152

new anti-inflammatory medication to try

Today I have been limping around and frustrated with this knee of mine. The pain has become quite problematic after my little "walk" yesterday. I went in this morning to get some xrays done and they show mild arthritic changes but no indication of why I'm in such pain. I have been referred to my orthopedic doctor who did my knee replacement but can't get in to see him for two weeks. I suspect that if this anti-inflammatory/pain medication and ice and rest don't do the trick, I will need an MRI to see the soft tissue in my knee, Xrays can only show so much. 

Drat! I've got things to do. Places to go, people to see!  Well, so to speak anyway. I HATE having yet another medical situation to deal with. And here I am, in teriffic health! Well, at least my blood pressure, thyroid, etc, etc, etc are all fine. I am very pleased that I don't seem to have more serious problems, but sure get discouraged with this aging process and its effects on my bones! 

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