Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day 145

45 years of using the Betty Crocker recipe from my old cookbook

One with chocolate chips and one without
Some recipes are just worth repeating!

Dave and Jason arrived home after their time away golfing and I had agreed to be a substitute for someone in one of our bunco groups. I was asked by two other ladies and declined, but when Arlene asked me to substitute when I saw her at our mailboxes, she was feeling terrible after a horrible dental appointment, so I crumbled and agreed to go. Amazingly enough I had the most wins with 18 and only 6 losses. The next closest was 14 wins. AND I had 3 buncos so won $18 for the most buncos but they wouldn't allow anyone to win more than once so I only collected on the buncos. During our playing one of the ladies mentioned that when gambling was a crime, bunco was a popular game for gambling. Ta Da. I had never thought of it before, but when she said that I said "Oh, is that where they came up with the Bunco Squad?" I forgot to bring my cell phone with me so had to wait until I got home to see that that was indeed correct. Bunco was a huge game for gamblers during Prohibition. They called it a "confidence" game and it was played in many speakeasies. Bunco Squads were formed to raid these establishments. Who knew that the game we now enjoy so innocently had such a bad history? I guess it's not played so innocently since we ARE gambling with our $5 buy in. So what is gambling, anyway? I never considered that playing this game was really gambling. To me it is just paying $5 for entertainment with a possibility of coming home with some money in my pocket. Um, I guess that IS gambling! Gulp.

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