Sunday, May 22, 2016

Day 143

but for some reason I'm not getting perfect seams

When I saw this tool a couple of months ago, I just knew it would aid me in getting all my quilt seams at EXACTLY 1/4" or a scant 1/4". I plunked the money down and must say that I'm not as thrilled with this "Ideal Seam Guide" tool as I thought I would be. In the first place, it doesn't stay stuck to my machine  bed like it is supposed to. I may need to go back to using my quilting foot for 1/4" seams. I didn't have this much trouble! Ah well. I will solve this mystery tomorrow. For today, I'm having to rip out a few seams and redo them so things will line up. I'm making a baby quilt for my niece. SSHHHHH! Don't tell her!

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