Friday, May 20, 2016

Day 141

even though it is a bit smaller than what I longed for!

Sometimes it is tough being obedient to my husband when we have such opposite likes and dislikes! If you know me, you know that I am usually up for an adventure. And I like moving. I know that is crazy, but I thrive on change. Dave? Not so much! From the time our first child was born I have lobbied for a camper/motorhome/camp trailer, but to no avail. Dave HATES camping. He can't sleep in a sleeping bag in a tent and doesn't think it would be any more fun in a camper! What about a boat? Nada. How about living on a lake. Nope. So, here is my compromise!

I saw this at JoAnn's awhile back and it spoke to me. Maybe the birds don't like it, but I do!
Dave did agree to move us to a mini-farm many years ago. I SO enjoyed that!! I hated the house (so did Dave) but loved the land, the barn, the seclusion, the horses, cats, chickens, bunny rabbits and dogs. I have always loved animals. Dave? Once again, not so much. He found out from his mom when he was in his early 40's that the dog the kids had as they were growing up didn't actually run away like his parents told him. Nope. They took him to the pound since the kids wouldn't take care of it. Silly parents! Kids don't take care of animals!! Parents do! Kids only "help" when it is absolutely necessary. But then, I grew up with animals and I didn't take care of them. My parents did. I did the occasional feeding, watering, etc, but it was mom and dad who did most of the work and paid for their food. My dad got me my first horse for my 15th birthday. Horse, saddle, blanket, bridle and delivery....all for $150! I think my dad was just as happy to have a horse on our land as I was. We always had a cow for milk and steers for beef. Chickens, dog, cats, and even pigs. No wonder I like having animals around. It is in my blood!

So when we moved to the "farm" I was thrilled. My favorite memories are of being in the barn, with country music on the radio, grooming a horse. Of course, Dave did more than his share of the chores over the years that we lived there. I had a few surgeries that laid me up. He and the kids mucked stalls, fed the animals, filled the water tub and repaired the broken fences. Then there were the broken automatic waterers in each stall which would break when a horse would scratch his bum on it! By the time it was discovered in the morning, we had a royal mess on our hands! It was a flood! What an ordeal it was to get the water shut off and start shoveling out all the soaked bedding and manure. Ugh. Then there was one of Shauna's horses (Chief) who was always kicking out the barn wall when stalled. We had several horse adventures along the way and it was all a learning experience and usually involved money and effort to solve these problems! Dave did complain from time to time. Who wouldn't!? I am blessed that he cared enough to fulfill my dream of living on acreage.

Now we have a small yard to take care of. Suits both of us just fine. But, still, I need my flowers. I love to see the landscape come alive in the spring. Bursts of color here and there. I must temper my enthusiasm for flowers with Dave's cautious nature. We don't NEED all these flowers/plants/vegetables. I wonder why it is that opposites attract. I guess it is to keep balance in our marriage. If we both were the same, we would either become hermits in the same house for 70 years, or we would be spending every dime we had and moving from one adventure to another. I am thankful for the full life we have lived, complete with an abundance of adventure. With restrictions, of course!

Begonia. I LOVE BEGONIAS. Actually I love almost all flowering plants! This orange one makes me smile. 

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