Monday, May 30, 2016

Day 151

remembering those who lost their lives while serving our country

We don't normally do anything special for Memorial Day but I suggested to Dave that we drive out to Tahoma National Cemetery prior to their festivities at 1:00. As we walked out the door to our car, we heard a loud roar right above our house. It was a WWII vintage plane circling around low. I don't know for sure, but suspect it was part of the nearby Greenwood Cemetery celebration at 11 am.

When we arrived at Tahoma National, there were cars parked all along the street and people walking toward the entrance. It was packed with people. Tons of cars, motorcycles, adults, kids, babies and FLAGS! It made me regret that we hadn't honored our service people properly when our kids were young.We were able to drive in and quickly discovered that we were in need of turning around and leaving. It was over an hour until the ceremony was to begin and we were not prepared to remain there. Here are a few photos.

Later in the afternoon, I took Beemer for a walk to the practice golf area within our neighborhood where Dave was hitting golf balls. My knee was hurting (not the one with the knee replacement) so I was glad Dave said he would walk Beemer home and I could drive the car back. 

My knee is another story. Don't now what is wrong with it. Have seen the doctor and she diagnosed it as "posterior cruciate ligament sprain" and gave me instructions to do some rehab exercises and two weeks of ibuprofin 3 times a day. So far, it hasn't improved and she said it should in two weeks, or contact her. I guess I will need to have further testing done. Between my bum foot and this newish knee problem, I haven't been out walking or golfing. It looks as though I will not be golfing this summer at all. 

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