Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Day 153

a family favorite

I have been making homemade macaroni and cheese forever. Of course, it is the same recipe my mom used. Very simple, but always with Kraft American Cheese in the two pound block. I haven't been able to find said cheese for a long time. When Dave suggested we have his brother over for dinner, my first thought was mac and cheese. Bob is a picky eater and I was certain he would enjoy it. Now I needed to figure out where I could find the box of cheese. When I searched online I discovered that Kraft had discontinued the 2 pound block and that others had used deli American cheese. 

QFC was my favorite grocery deli and I did find Boar's Head American cheese so I bought 1 3/4 lb of the yellow American cheese (they also had white) which was almost fifteen dollars a pound. Pricey cheese! But it tasted good so think it will make a very creamy mac and cheese. By the way, everything I try made by Boar's Head has been top drawer. I'm spoiled and hate paying the higher prices that they charge, but it is so much better than Safeway's deli cold cuts. Or Costco. Yup, you get a good buy, but at the cost of wonderful taste and texture.

Ready to go into the oven.

After baking. Everyone loved it!

Bob and Beemer

Wiggly dog wants to give Bob a kiss. 

Yum Yum. Jason had to leave shortly after dinner because he has 3 volleyball games this evening.
We talked about football, golf, the Mariners, cell phones, Jason's work, among other topics. Bob had 3 helpings of mac and cheese. I guess he approved!  We also had some green beans with bacon bits which Bob didn't eat, as well as some sweetened fresh strawberries with a dab of balsamic vinegar. Then....the coup de cream for dessert. 7:45 pm and Dave just arrived from taking Bob home. A fine evening.

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