Monday, May 23, 2016

Day 144

the wife will play!

Dave and Jason left this morning for a two day golf adventure. What to do. What to do. I thought I should do something special with my time, but alas, I can't think of anything. Besides, Beemer is still in need of constant supervision. He is doing well, but he is a puppy! Look what I discovered yesterday. 

See all that electrical tape wrapping the cord on my keyboard? You guessed it! Beemer chewed almost all the way through the cord. I have another keyboard on order from Amazon for $9. My heart sank when I saw this because Beemer could have electrocuted himself. One of my pinochle friends adopted a puppy several months ago and her puppy did just that. Such a sad, sad thing. This is why I need to keep an eagle eye on Beemer. I would be devastated if I lost him.

Back to today. So what have I actually done? Hmmmm. I did some sewing. Played with Beemer. Watched A LOT of TV! I got hooked on the Tiny House program. I kept wondering why people would bother creating a tiny house that they could haul with their truck when they could have just as well bought a camp trailer. None-the-less, I found myself entranced. 

I did make a trip to JoAnn's Fabric Store to get some fabric to allow me to finish the baby quilt. Of course I hadn't fixed my hair or put on makeup (hey, I'm on vacation!) so of course I ran into a friend from church.

Beemer and I watched The Five on FOX TV and it just wasn't the same without Dave here to pause the program to add our two cents. I made myself a Marie Callender pot pie for dinner. Boring, I know.

I have discovered that life is a drag without Dave around to talk to. And laugh with. Like just this morning at 7:15 when I pulled the truck out of the carport and Dave moved the car out so that Jason could park his car in the carport since they would be traveling with my car. I admit I'm not a morning person, so when Dave pointed out my crooked parking job, I about busted a gut laughing when I got out and could see what I had done. I hope I didn't wake up the neighbors with my laughter! I got 'er straightened out but was still hee-hawing when I got back in the house.

Yes, yes, yes. My life is dreadfully mundane. I think I will go take a shower now while Beemer is napping in his crate, safely contained and away from electrical cords.

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