Friday, May 6, 2016

Day 127

tonight was bingo at the clubhouse

I didn't play bingo tonight but thought I would walk to the clubhouse and say hi to the ladies who were playing. My neighbor knocked on my door earlier to drag me with her, but I declined. Anyway, I wanted to get a photo of some of those who were playing so I could write up something for our June newsletter. I think residents like to see a photo of themselves in the newsletter.

On my walk back to our house I decided to stop by the neighbor's home across the street, Erik and Laura and say hello. They had their patio area enlarged and enclosed and it looks amazing! Her mother was visiting and she may want to move here, so I told her about the house kitty corner to ours which will be for sale soon and another one that is not yet on the market. Estelle would make a good neighbor so I hope they can work out a deal with our neighbors. Our little neighborhood within Leisure Estates is wonderful and we want it to stay that way! No bad or unfriendly neighbors, please!

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