Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Day 244

well almost!

This is no fun. I have to pack my bag and prepare for my hospital visit but I DON'T GET TO BRING A SWEET BABY HOME! Well, not that I really want another one, but it's the same type of prep but all I will get to show for it is pain and a bionic knee.

I will find out tomorrow what time my surgery is scheduled for my total knee replacement. Every time a person needs surgery it is imperative to give the hospital a copy of my Power of Attorney and Medical Directive. Sure hope they won't need those! gulp. Just like 2 years ago when I had my other knee done, they want you to bring a couple of changes of clothes and rubber sole shoes. They do not let patients lay around in their hospital gown. Each day we need to get up and dressed, just like they expect us to do after we get home. I will be walking the hall on the day of surgery and then the next 2 days Dave needs to attend my rehab class. Overlake Hospital really has their after care down to a science. They have a way of doing things and I'm really not looking forward to the in-hospital rehab. It was brutal last time. And you add in all the pain meds and I was pretty dopey. At least I know what to expect this time so I won't be so horrified at the amount of pain I will be in. I'm hoping for less pain this time. We shall see.

Beemer is going to the dog sitter for 4 days so Dave doesn't have to worry about taking care of him. That way he can stay at the hospital longer....or not! I packed some magazines and a crochet project and a pack of playing cards. I won't have time to be bored with all the nursing attention! I hope I sleep through the nights. 

Sunday afternoon Dave will bring me home and then it's Dave who will be in pain! Once again he has to tend to my every need. He is concerned about the dog jumping on my leg and I'm hoping the little muttski will sense that he needs to be calm around me.I don't think that will happen. Ah well. I'm anxious to get this behind me and start thinking about the next cruise we will take. Ahhhhh. I think I will comfort myself while in the hospital with the thoughts of some warm sunshine, sparkling blue water and upbeat steel drum music in the Caribbean! I wonder how long that image will last......

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Robin Wilson said...

You'll be in my prayers, Sandy!! Love you!