Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Day 243

but prints faster and with better quality

We shall see how long this one lasts. I'm happy to once again be able to copy, scan and print but drat....wish it at least looked a bit different! This is the Canon MG7720 with 6 ink cartridges instead of the typical 4 or 5. They have added a grey cartridge. Hope it helps slow down the ink usage.  One clever upgrade is that we can print from our cell phones or tablet. Dave got things all set up this afternoon.

It sure is frustrating that things break down so quickly. Must be because of all the circuitry and plastic. Not that the plastic was a problem with our old printer. Yup, this is another ink jet printer. Can't see a need for a laser printer. We will be using generic ink cartridges in this like we had been doing with the old one to try to keep costs down. I want color when I want color and refuse to always be so conscious of the cost of ink. What we buy is a fraction of the cost of Canon ink. OH! And it prints my photos without a white border. YES!

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