Friday, August 5, 2016

Day 218

the 2nd of Hailey's front teeth is ready to fall out of her mouth

She looks a little tired today because she was out late at her cousins' last night.The cousins all just LOVE each other and relish their times together. I went to Shauna's this morning (as I did yesterday) to lend a hand with laundry and organizing a bit. My daughter is a little more happy doing these chores when she has someone around to keep her motivated. I was having a bit of difficulty with my knee going up and down her stairs and though I am stepping very carefully my knee collapses and I shriek with the pain. This morning I had my mandatory blood work done and EKG in preparation for my knee replacement. I got the results of the blood work and I am pleased that all my numbers are within the normal range. YIPPEE!

Yesterday Dave and I went to the class for people who are having knee and hip replacement surgery within the next month. Pretty much knew all this since we've been through it before, but when I asked why some people have had an easier time with less pain after surgery than I did, I discovered that #1 everyone is different and #2 if there had been previous surgeries on the joint often times the pain will be greater during recovery. BINGO! I had arthroscopic surgery about 3 months prior to the total knee replacement. This gives me HOPE that I will have an easier recovery this time around.

Anyway, Shauna and Pete are having work done in their backyard and the crew said they would be done today, but no such luck Pete ripped out their huge, rotting deck and instead of building a new deck they are having a patio installed with a drop down to a planter area and then another drop down to the grass. The part that won't be done today is the gravel area at ground level where they will have a burn pit and seating. It should be lovely when finished. But what a huge project! 

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