Sunday, August 28, 2016

Day 241

time is moving way too fast. How can it be day 241 already?

I got the message in my email. It was time to charge the battery on my fitbit. Again. It really is only every 7 or 8 days, but it seems like I just did this yesterday! And here it is day 241 of 2016. Summer is over, Christmas will be here before we know it, and I haven't done much of anything. (darn knee) As the years pile up I am constantly struck by the fact that the stages of life go by quickly. It seems like it was ages ago when the kids were small and I was busy carting them around and cooking, cleaning and creating. In those days it seemed like time stood still. So many things to do, places to go, fun times to be had. Now I'm tired. Been there done that. It is easier to just relax at home than go visit people. Do I have to go get groceries AGAIN?? And then there is the realization that time really is ticking on. And when you don't have school or work schedules to work around, everyday seems like Saturday. In many ways life is slower. I get less done in those 24 hours. How can life be slower when time is ticking on so quickly?? It is a conundrum for sure. My brain gets twisted in a knot trying to figure all this out. So for now I will unplug my fitbit and wait for the email reminder that it is time to plug it in. AGAIN!

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