Saturday, August 6, 2016

Day 219

performed at Mt. Baker Theater in Bellingham
Today we drove up to Kyle and Kari's, dropped off Beemer (the dog) at their house, and went on to meet Kari's parents at the theater. We arrived in time for the 3 pm performance. I must say that the group did a great job! Since I didn't know the story line, I couldn't tell you if it was true to the book, but Saben said there were no leprechauns in the book. 

We went to eat some Mexican food nearby and were joined by Kyle and Kari and Saben. K&K's friends also dropped off their 2 little girls and they all were going to watch the 7 pm performance. Rushed to get Beemer and arrived home by 8:30. We are now pooped out and ready to settle in for the night. I love being a gramma but sure wish they lived a bit closer so we could come to more of the kids things. Soccer season will be coming up and I fear I will not get to attend a game this season. Phooey.

Annika is in the middle on the right side

This theater is certainly fancy!

And then a little dinner before Annika's next performance at 7 pm

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