Monday, August 15, 2016

Day 228

or maybe even a pie for Dave

My dear neighbor, Jennie, brought me a big bag of apples and pears from a client's trees. Guess tomorrow's day will be somewhat busy as I tend to all this fruit. She said she will be bringing me more as the days go by. Yikes! I had made brownies today so was able to give her some brownies as a thank you.

I enjoyed going to the pool over the weekend but today I decided to stay home and clean the house and work on a sewing project. My stack of projects is getting taller and I fear I will never see the bottom. I wonder if I could sneak off tomorrow for some pool time. My knee feels better once I am in the pool but today it has been hurting a bit more so perhaps yesterday I overdid it in the water.

Now to try to find a dog sitter so we can get away for a couple of days. I just hate leaving Beemer when he is still a puppy, but it is so gorgeous out that this will be our only opportunity to get away before my knee job. I hear the Oregon coast calling, but I also hear the rushing river on the North Cascades Highway. Decisions, Decisions.

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