Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Day 229

at least he is when watching them on TV

Here he is laying on the foot rest as he watches the jumpers at the Olympics. A few minutes before this he had climbed on my shoulder while watching. I bet he just can't figure out what those big things are. Beemer wasn't feeling too good today. He urped up on his pillow earlier this afternoon and he wanted me to hold him from time to time while I was at my sewing machine or computer, which wasn't normal. Poor boy. 

Then Dave got stomach pains later this afternoon which seemed to clear up after an hour or so and by golly tonight I began having those same stomach pains. Wonder what we have. Did we get this from Beemer? Highly unlikely me thinks. You would think it could be from something we had eaten, but Dave and I haven't eaten the same things all day.

Oh, and yesterday's apples went into the yard waste container today. They were full of worms and brown spots. I think the pears will also end up tossed. So far, when they turn yellow they go to mush. Guess I won't be making applesauce this year.

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