Saturday, August 13, 2016

Day 226

but this evening Beemer is a wild dog

Awwwww....Sweet.....but this is after......
He figured out how he could jump up on the bed using the foot board. Such a smarty pants. A blur of energy and enthusiasm.

Finally he is calm. After a lot of running, jumping on the bed, jumping on the chair, jumping on the couch and running, running, running. Dave has taken him on two walks today but for some reason he has had energy to spare. I did some sewing earlier this evening but he began chewing on the wood TV tray that I use to put some of my equipment on. UUGGGHHH. STOP, STOP, STOP!! Now that he seems to have slowed down and has his tongue back in his mouth...pant, pant, pant......maybe I can have some quiet and calm lap time with him as we watch some TV.

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