Sunday, June 12, 2016

Day 164

how uncomfortable lady golfers look with the clothes they wear?

I've been watching the LPGA Championship at Sahalee this weekend. Dave would tell you that the ladies are much more enjoyable to watch than the men. Duh! They ARE women. Of course, he is really referring to the effortless look of their swing. They really are a joy to watch. 

However, as I was watching I told Dave that their clothing makes me itch.Well, not really itch, but they just look so uncomfortable! I suppose they would wonder just what I'm talking about, but if you watch the guys, they have nice loose-fitting slacks and shirts. They don't have to walk around all bound up! The ladies, on the other hand, are wearing skorts, shorts or tight pants. Their tops are all tight. Some of them had stretch pants on (tight and wrinkly) and some hems were above their ankles. 

As I watched them, I remember how I usually feel on the golf course. My clothes are usually my biggest issue. Everything is too tight! TIGHT, TIGHT, TIGHT! We have bumps in front and our shirts would look like tents if we tried to wear our tops as loose as the men. And don't those lady golfers feel their underpants bunching up? And don't they have a bra strap that slips from time to time?

I wonder how the men would golf if they had to wear some of the get-ups that ladies wear. I'm just sayin'!

For example:

I mean really, doesn't this look more comfortable??

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Kari said...

yes! i run into this with mountain bike clothing as well...a company I loved, because their shorts fit me, just like Kyle's shorts fit him...well they shrank everything this year! I look in the mirror, and yes, I look slimmer, but they aren't as comfortable. And frankly, when I am biking, I am more worried about comfort than how attractive I look. I wish we could get away with that as easily as men do.