Friday, June 3, 2016

Day 155

love, love, love that they live close enough to just pop in

Shauna and Pete have been talking about moving. Perhaps selling their house and moving to Snoqualmie Ridge. I'm happy for them. I think it could be a great experience for them to live in a neighborhood and have fewer projects to do around the house.

However....I'm not as happy for me! I like having them close enough that I can babysit at the drop of a hat if needed. Or just pop by for a visit. After all, when our boys were toddlers, we built a house that looked out over my parents four acres. We could just go through the pasture to get to their house. My parents babysat for us often. And it was easy since they were so proximate. My dad used to drive his backhoe up the driveway to our house from time to time and the kids really knew their grandparents. I always hoped we would have the same experience with our kids and grandkids, but the reality is that it is just too complicated.

I know lots of people who have followed their kids and grandkids to a new city or even state. But, how can we leave our friends and our church family? I would have no problem as far as making new friends and getting established, but the thought of moving away from those with whom we have shared so much of our lives seems just too sad.

Also, I don't ever want to live in a multi-level home again. I've had too many foot and knee problems over the years and can only anticipate a future which includes mobility problems. Aside from medical issues, I much prefer living on one level. I especially like the ability to go directly out to the patio and carport. Have you looked for a one level home recently? Sure you can find them here and there but mostly they are in older neighborhoods that can be quite run down. So, moving nearer the kids, should they actually make the decision to move, would be pretty much impossible, because newer neighborhoods are almost all multi-level. And no thank you.....I would hate having to rely on an elevator. What happens when the power goes out?? Not my kind of lifestyle for sure.

Another thing is that we love living in an over-55 community. It is so peaceful with no little ones screaming, teenagers revving their engines, crowded sidewalks with kids on trikes, bikes, skateboards or rollerblades. I always have someone nearby to talk to or play a game with. There are loads of activities to take part in if you are so inclined. Dave and I have always enjoyed being in the company of older folks, so this neighborhood just feels right. I have never understood how some people feel like they aren't "old enough" to go to the senior center or move to a retirement community. To me that seems silly. Age is just a number. People are people. We like younger adults as well as oldsters. I would hate to be so vain that I wouldn't want to admit my age. I'm pretty pleased that I have lived as long as I have!

It is almost impossible to find an over-55 community. Have you looked? I have, and the options are few and far between. There is nothing in all of Snoqualmie Ridge. Not that we are moving! I have asked Dave over the past 30 years or so, "Why don't you build an over-55 community? There will be a huge need by the time we are ready to downsize." It always came down to land cost and zoning. Where can you find a hunk of land close to amenities that is big enough to create the kind of environment we would want? There is the reason we don't see any newer age-appropriate communities being developed. But, wah, wah, wah....sob, sob, sob. I want what I want!!

Getting back to the idea of moving. Dave and I are definitely opposites. I can't quite stand the thought of living in one house my whole adult life. I like change too much. Dave is content to live wherever he finds himself! Shauna is just like me. She also has a bit of wanderlust, and is happy to move and meet new people. The older she gets, the more I see how much we have in common. Right down to loving turquoise. I am so happy that the good Lord saw fit to bless us with a daughter. I love my two sons, so don't misunderstand! There is just something special about a daughter. We get each other. Girl to girl. 

Silly Charlotte, still doesn't want her picture taken

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