Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 181

when there is a curious puppy under foot

I've got things to sew! Projects to cut out. Plans to formulate. I love, love, love Beemer, but he wants to be right where I am all the time. Of course in the sewing room are all sorts of hazards from the ironing board with the iron cord hanging down to pins on the floor. OK. So I'm a bit messy in the sewing room.
Compact space but efficient!

I've moved my serger and cover machine over so I just have to spin around when I need to switch machines, which works well for me. But look at all that machinery and lights. That means there are electrical cords all over the place which are a huge temptation for Beemer. And then there are the pins that drop to the carpet from time to time. When Frodo was a pup, he actually ingested a couple of flower-headed pins.YIKES! Luckily they went through his system and right out, and I can't believe he didn't have a perforated intestine! I'm trying to keep this puppy from the same situation. 
And here is the kitchen table which I use for cutting things out.
I've got several projects to stitch up and I hope to get some real work done over this weekend. I have a little part-time "job" that will require a bit of my time in the coming months. Yes, it involves sewing and yes, I can mostly do my work from home. More information to come at a later date.  One could ask, WHY! Why did I go looking to get myself committed to another thing!? Especially when the swimming pool is now fixed and waiting for me. The water is 86 degrees and I took a dip again today with my neighbor. Beemer was napping in his kennel so he didn't need me. The answer to "why" is that I just can't be happy if I don't feel useful. I finished the community newsletter today so that is ready to get out to people tomorrow. I could sit and read a book or two, but even though I love reading my need to be productive out weighs my desire to read.

The downside is that I will probably find myself complaining that I'm too busy one day soon! I don't think I'm the type of person who can easily find the balance between keeping busy and resting. Tomorrow is another day and I will try to keep Beemer safe while I do my thing in the sewing room. I really need to make better use of his nap time. 

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