Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 178

love Seattle and the Ivar's Fish Bar at the Salmon House

On I-90
Parking right in front, thank you very much!
Good. It's not too crowded.
Boat watching. There is the Argosy.

Open wide!

Until next time!

I had a difficult time identifying my grandparents' house in Wallingford. But this is it! Wow! It sure looks great and they changed the front porch railing and obviously put in new windows. They also added that top story with the curved deck and they made the top of the garage a usable patio space. I'm impressed!! Wish I could see inside. I have lots of memories from visits to my grandparents. Walking around the neighborhood, playing with the kids who lived around the corner, going with Aunt Mary to the wading pool at the old Wallingford Park. What fun!

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