Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 179

so just what have I accomplished today?

Not much! I got a call this morning about a resident's dog who was on the loose and almost at the gate and could I catch him before he got hit by a car. I grabbed the leash and hobbled (my knee is really giving me problems) out to the street and managed to get the new maintenance guy to grab him for me. This is an old basset hound that continues to escape and management is threatening to contact the humane society. I feel bad because the owner is 94 and this is what is keeping him going.

So, after bringing him home and putting him in our fenced patio area I began to find a neighbor that could walk him home. I can't manage the walk with my knee. As I was on the phone calling my more mobile neighbors, I heard the loudest shriek and cry! Poor Beemer had walked out to the slider and saw this huge monster and was frightened out of his skin! By the time I hopped up and got to him, he jumped up into my arms and was totally shook up. Here was this monster in HIS space! Poor baby.

Well, to make a long story short, after getting in touch with the owner's wife, she got in her car and drove over here to get him. Then I really felt bad because she seemed to have knees that were worse than mine from the way she hobbled out of the car. By then, Dave had arrived home from Costco, I had 3 neighbors involved and one friend stopped by in her car as she was driving by to see what was going on! What a morning! All because of a pesky old basset hound that wants to explore. Otis. I can't seem to get the one photo I have of him downloaded.

I did get the grandmother clock wound today. So that is good! Instead of a photo of Otis, I am including some pictures of a few of my blooming plants.

Lovely rose, eh!?
Oooohhhh. Variegated Hydrangea. Pretty!

We're in the pink!  Another Hydrangea
How about a white lacecap Hydrangea?
And here is one of the two Strawberry Hydrangeas. Love those red stems. First year and it looks like it will bloom!

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