Thursday, November 25, 2010

I wasn't a Girl Scout, but I'm prepared!

What a Thanksgiving Day!! Not quite what we were planning. I had hoped to have a non-cooking, relaxing day at SOMEONE ELSE'S house!! Like our relatives in Bellingham. But, I guess God had other plans. The snow had become an issue. As you can see this view from our porch on Monday. Weather report was not looking good as we went back and forth as to whether to make the drive up north with no 4-wheel drive and no chains for our car. You can't see it from this picture because we are 400 feet off the road, but our driveway goes up a bit and getting out and onto the road at the top of the driveway in the snow and ice is a difficult feat! 
Then yesterday afternoon our furnace bit the dust. Since it has been COLD, we didn't want to leave our poor teeny dog home in a cold house....
But really, we just didn't want to chance the roads, so we made the decision to stay home and entertain ourselves. My husband found a turkey in the freezer and took it out to thaw thinking we could at least have a turkey dinner. Since I had a box of stuffing mix in my pantry, onion and celery in the fridge, I was able to stuff the bird and get it in the oven!
I also had a small can of pumpkin pie filling & one can of evaporated milk  in the pantry, so viola! I made a pumpkin pie this morning.
You can tell how stressed Dave is about this whole ordeal...

He is happily racing his Formula I car in some distant country. Not even thinking about the $600+ bill to get the furnace fixed. He found someone to come out tomorrow and they even had the new motor in stock so we should be back to normal by tomorrow evening.
I had made this yummy snack to take to Bellingham (sorry family) but guess we will have to eat them ourselves. Easy recipe, thanks to Sherran Whatley for the recipe. It's just oyster crackers with some added yumminess. Our house really didn't cool off much overnight, thanks to our 2 gas fireplaces and the space heater we had set up in the bedroom. Who needs a furnace??

Dave's cousins Chip and Roger also decided not to make the drive up to Bellingham as they also have no chains and they have 3-4 inches of new snow in Bellingham and Joe & Robin live on a HILL!! So, we invited them to come spend the day with us. I suspect they won't have trouble with our driveway getting down, but we will see about getting out! I think it is warming up a bit so maybe it will be raining by the time they go home.

Yesterday I was feeling sorry for myself about our Thanksgiving so decided to make chocolate chip/macadamia nut cookies. Notice that is almost 30 years old!! Still looks GREAT.
I spent my birthday (Tuesday) in my sewing/craft room. I decided it was time that I figure out what I was going to do with that big box of wedding gown pieces from Brides Against Breast Cancer. I have volunteered with this group in helping brides try on wedding gowns. A few times a year they sell "used" wedding gowns (and some new) at reduced prices with the proceeds going to help Breast Cancer patients. It is a great organization, and they give anyone interested a box of cut apart wedding gowns that are not suitable to sell. The only "catch" is that they ask you to make a quilt or wallhanging to donate to them for them to display or sell and you can keep the remainder of the gowns. I decided to machine embroider some of the fabric and I have this big skirt of burnt orange satin that I plan on incorporating into the design. I will post a photo when I get it done. Here is a link to their website:    Maybe you would be interested in volunteering or sewing a quilt!
So there you have it. Glad I had all the proper ingredients in our pantry to complete the Thanksgiving meal. Oh I forgot to mention that Scalloped Corn casserole that I had made yesterday. Sorry Kyle!! I know it is your favorite. We will miss seeing everyone in Bellingham!!


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