Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 on 10 NOVEMBER

What a full day! I'm certainly thankful that I am able to be involved in so many wonderful activities with so many special people. Thank you, God, for my blessed life!

Yummy morning granola, coffee and of course GOLF!

Out the door for our annual garden club auction.

Ann Baron ( was our speaker today, who gave us awesome tips on fall propagation and preparing our garden for winter.

No garden club meeting is complete without food! And lots of it.

Drat, I had to rush off before the auction was finished. OK so I'm 2 miles over the speed limit...

I'm getting closer.....

I made it for my 4 hour volunteer shift but will need valet parking to make sure I get to the gift shop by 1:00. It's a long walk from where I normally park.

My partner is still in Germany (lucky lady) so I've been by myself for 3 weeks now. I spend my time helping customers, stocking the shelves, filling balloons and smiling. I love my time at VMC.

It is a rush to leave VMC at 5, drive home through traffic, eat a quick bite of dinner and then get out the door for Bible Study at 6:30. But not impossible!

Still time to relax in front of the TV and do a little knitting.

Poor fish will have to wait until tomorrow to get his water changed!

OOPS. Guess I slipped in an extra picture. So sue me!


Shauna said...

Packed day - but glad you were able to capture it for 10 on 10!! :)

Bethany at 3SonsPlus1 said...

What a fun, exhausting day! I'm thinking I may need to join a garden club, and one that hosts fab luncheons like that! :)

Shar said...

hmmm...a little worried that you're taking photos and driving at the same time! Right up there with texting and driving? hmmmm? ;)