Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Golf. It's over for the season

Today was the Turkey Shoot competition with the Maplewood Ladies Golf Club. And no, we didn't shoot a turkey. And no, my husband is incorrect in telling people that I was out on the course trying to avoid getting shot. (Thanks, Dave.)

Today's game was supposed to be Halloween themed, wearing some sort of costume and the winner of the "Tombstone" competition would win a free turkey, BUT due to inclement weather last Tuesday, the powers that be decided to postpone it a week. So, no costumes, except for Carrie, who wore her funny golf hat. She golfed 78 I might add! Without figuring in her handicap which is super low. I'm not revealing my score.....although I had a GREAT front nine and then "died" on the back 9. I actually died twice! One death was from a lack of energy due to the Atkin's diet. The other death was on my putt into the cup on the 17th. That's the Tombstone part. You die when you reach par, including your handicap. I thought I might win a prize in my handicap category, but some more energetic sole lived a bit longer than me. Hope they enjoy the turkey.

I discovered a new tradition with some of the ladies. It's celebrating when someone hits a birdie (one under par for you non-golfers) by sharing some Birdie Juice. And just what is Birdie Juice you ask? I asked that, too, as they handed me my tiny plastic jigger size cup with a bit of this wonder juice in it. Down it went and it was SSOOOO smooth. Yes, Mom, if everyone was jumping off a cliff, and they told me to do it, I probably would! Schnapps. I can't believe I never tasted this wonderful elixir. I think it was butterscotch Schnapps, but this liqueur comes in several varieties including aniseed, apricot, banana, blackberry, black currant (aka creme de cassis) cherry, cinnamon, coffee, lemon, mandarin orange, menthol mint, peach, peppermit, root beer and sour apple. I may have to add this to my non-existent bucket list; try all the varieties before I die. I think we did get cheated a bit though....Carrie had THREE birdies but we only got one swig!!!

What a day to end the season. The most glorious day on the golf course in a long time. Check out Jane at the tee box on 9. The clubhouse is in the distance. I wish I'd brought my regular camera instead of having to use my cell phone camera. The leaves were gorgeous colors of gold and red and the grass was green but muddy.

I love this game!

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Shar said...

Oh WOW! How beautiful. It's just as pretty here (in Massachusetts), but way too cold for golf.

Love your hats, too.