Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday celebration at Pete & Shaunas

Since Dave and I have our birthdays one week apart AND we have Thanksgiving thrown into the mix, it is always a busy November. Plus our anniversary is only 4 days after my birthday! What were we thinking, you may ask?? Well, when we got married Dave was a senior at the UW and I was working, so in order to have a 2 day honeymoon instead of just one, we chose the Friday of Thanksgiving in 1970 as our wedding date. "Wait until summer?" you ask. NO WAY!! Unlike today's newlyweds who actually have an exotic 2 to 3 week adventure for their honeymoons, we couldn't afford that luxury so it was Ocean Shores for us! But, here I am again on a tangent...

When Shauna invited us to come for dinner at their house, I remembered my mom and dad, who more times than not would say "That's too much work for you. We don't need to come for dinner. How about if we just come for dessert?" I felt frustrated many a time with this response since I REALLY WANTED to honor my parents and serve them a meal! They meant well, but they got fewer dinners at our house than they could have! We did, however, get together often to visit and play pinochle, so it isn't like we didn't interact with them!! After all, they just lived a stone's throw away! So, getting back to Shauna....I had the VERY SAME thought that my parents had..."It's too much work for you, with 2 little ones to care for." BUT instead, I said "YES. WE WOULD LOVE TO COME!!"

Shauna and Pete are such good hosts! They prepared a lovely meal for us. Gluten and dairy-free since both she and Dave are on restricted diets. Shauna because of Charlotte's digestive system and Dave because he finds that either wheat, dairy, gluten or a combination causes congestion and sinus difficulties. She even made a gluten free cake and didn't like the rice cream that she had purchased, so cut some sort of gluten free "ice cream" bars in half to go on our cake. Yummy!

It was a really fun evening! Jason was able to join us and we had good conversation and even played the XBox 360 Kinect games a bit before we left. Of course, the grandkids are wonderful! Sigh. Here are some photos of our evening.

Hailey loves her little sister!
Just like that, Charlotte was unhappy!
Oh, I knit that scarf the night before. VERY quick and easy.

There is a baby under there!

Lovely presentation!

Delicious food

Uncle Jason with Charlotte

Hailey glued all the letters on Dave's birthday card

Hailey the helper


Gluten Free!!


Pete is an awesome dad

I love holding and playing with my grandkids!


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Shauna said...

Glad you said yes - it was fun. and we've never really have you for dinner so we thought it would be nice to do that. ;)