Monday, November 15, 2010

Charlotte & Hailey

I love living six minutes away from Shauna and Pete! I get to see these two granddaughters quite often. I wish Kyle and Kari lived closer so we could spend more time with Saben & Annika, but alas, they won't be moving here and we won't be moving there so we will need to travel to and fro.

So, when Shauna called this afternoon to ask if she could pop in for a bit to use our printer since hers was out of ink....and of course since we are closer than a store (!).....I said "Of course!" They didn't stay long, maybe only 45 minutes or so, but long enough to cuddle a bit with Charlotte and play with Hailey.


This happy baby weighs over 12 pounds at almost 8 weeks of age.

Grandpa is always eager to see his grandkids!

Hailey is able to sit by herself on the big ball and play with the balls, just like her cousins do!

I am extremely thankful to be a grandma and I enjoy watching each child develop and grow into just who God wants them to be. Thanks for stopping by, Shauna!

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Shar said...

Thanks so much for sharing a slice of "normal life" with me...almost felt like I was home for a few minutes. Charlotte already has a darling smile. At 2 weeks, Corbin's smiles are still accidental.