Thursday, November 18, 2010


I went to the Sewing Expo early this afternoon and only stayed a couple of hours as it was a rather small and uninspiring vendor turnout. But that is not my story...

This is. It was a drizzly day and as I left my car to walk through the rather large parking lot of the Puyallup Fairgrounds, I stepped on a pebble. It felt more like a rock, but I can't quibble at this point. I did step on something and my ankle gave way ever so slightly, but I caught myself and kept walking. It's pretty sad to have to admit that this has happened to me WAY TOO MANY TIMES lately! I'm beginning to worry about myself. But then, I'm not worried enough because as I was walking back out to my car it never even crossed my mind that I had a near miss just two hours earlier.

And, yes, I was carrying a very small bag of a few little items that I purchased, purse was over my head and across my body, keys in hand and my eyes were searching for my car just a few yards ahead. Then, I guess I stepped on another BOULDER, because my ankle gave way and down I went! YUP! All the way down, on my right hip and shoulder. Thankfully nothing was broken, not even my key fob. BUT, I did just notice that I have a little scrape on my right elbow, my shoulder is getting a bit "tweeky" and my hip has a bruise. Luckily I haven't lost all that weight that I had wanted because I have plenty of padding to prevent a broken hip! SO WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!??

Please don't answer. I don't think I could take hearing the truth from you. All the way home (sitting on a cloth grocery bag since my pants were soaking wet) I was ruminating on just what is happening to me. Am I that old that I can't take a brisk walk without falling? Am I just a clutz? Am I just not paying enough attention to where I place my feet?? Gosh, I've been walking for most of my life and haven't had many of these calamities until the last couple of years. Humph.

Then it hit me. Well, actually Dave is the one who posited a potential cause. My shoes. What?? I thought these Danskos were THE shoe to wear! Ah, but they are slip-ons. Look at these ugly beasts.

My concerned husband pointed out that I have no ankle support. There is nothing to hold my heel in place, so any little pebble causes a more severe chain reaction than if I were wearing tennis shoes. OK, so I admit he has a point. I gave up stylish shoes years ago because of problems with my feet. I have grumbled and groaned about this issue for years. I have been resigned to wearing clodhoppers. Now I guess it is time to wear lace-ups. Tennis shoes to be specific.

I give up. I will make the switch. I can't handle any more falls or near falls. Just another thing to grumble about....but then again, I should be thankful that I have no new broken bones and that a switch to more common-sense shoes will solve this situation.

Oh crumb, now I have blue ink all over my left arm...and the desk! I hate to admit that my husband is also right about PUTTING THE CAP BACK ON THE PEN AFTER I USE IT!! I hate when he is right....


Sandy Young said...

OK, I think maybe I should actually be looking DOWN when I walk. That would help, right?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree! My Danskos have cause me to fall and I have had several "near misses". Keep up the blogging! I love seeing pics of your creations and your adorable grandchildren!