Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holiday Craft Bazaar

I spent yesterday from 9 to 3 pm and today from 9 to 1 pm at St. Joseph's Church's bazaar in Issaquah, trying to find buyers for some of my hand made items. What a s..l...o...wwwwww couple of days this was! Some of the other sellers said that all of the craft bazaars seem to have low attendance this season. Chalk it up to a bad economy. I don't blame people for wanting to hang on to what money they may have!

My friend, Mary Ellen, (we met during junior high school) and I shared a table; she with her wonderful gemstone jewelry and me with my variety of baby items, potholders, wine bags, placemats & napkins, quilts, etc. etc. Afterwards I donated 14 of my bibs, 2 receiving blankets, a nursing cover up and 4 burp cloths to the Baby Corner in Issaquah, to be given to those in need. I really wanted to get rid of some of my stuff, so this seemed like a good thing to do.

All was not lost for me, though. I am blessed (?) with the gift of gab so I was involved in plenty of conversations to keep me occupied. That is my favorite part of any event, and when I wasn't talking I busied myself with some knitting. Mary Ellen and I joked about how the $10 I spent at another booth came back to me when that person bought some of my things. We thought it would have been funny to mark the $10 bill and see which vendor ended up with it. We all seemed to be buying each others goods.

After we had packed everything up, another friend, Kim, and I drove to Taylor Creek Fabrics in Maple Valley to check out their fabrics. They didn't have what I was looking for, BUT of course I found something else that I liked. Thursday Kim and I will be going to the Puyallup Fairgrounds for the NW Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival since I have 2 free admission tickets. That will be a quick trip, I'm sure, because the BIG sewing expo is in February. This one just gives me a kick in the pants to get sewing!

I tweeked my back last Thursday while taking my aunt and another lady shopping. They live in an assisted living facility and I think it was lifting the other lady's walker in and out of my trunk several times that made my sciatica flare up. I'm trying to baby it and it feels best when I am sitting, but oh my, when I have to get up....that's when it hurts.

All in all, I am counting up all my blessings this month. I am living my dream. I hope you are too!

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