Thursday, December 29, 2016

Day 364

after two days in the hospital

I really only had a few tasks that I wanted to get done today, but my plans were interrupted with a call from my Aunt Eileen and then from her doctor telling me she was better after treating her for diverticulitis and surgically draining the large cyst on her back. She was ready to go home. Only somewhat ready. My aunt had called to let me know that I needed to stop off at her home and get some clothes, her shoes, teeth and glasses because she was taken by ambulance in her nightgown. I also remembered to get her walker so she could walk back into her assisted living facility.

It was an all afternoon affair given a mixup with insurance records in the Overlake "Walgreen's" Pharmacy, a 20 minute call to Group Health to get that straightened out, rush hour traffic and getting her situated back at her place. She got right back into her nightgown and crawled into bed, waiting for the nurse to give her an insulin injection. She is weak and tired. I forgot to snap a photo. Sigh.

One of my tasks for today was to package up the American Girl doll we got for Hailey and get it sent back, asking them to send a different one that Hailey really wanted. It doesn't have bangs and has blue eyes. What was I thinking!!?? Oops, that's what happens when you get your gifts too soon before Christmas! The problem was that I forgot to bring the box that it was shipped in home from Kyle and Kari's and UPS wanted $12 to sell me the appropriate size box. SO, here I am trying to fashion a shipping box out of a fruit box. I shall succeed. Tomorrow.

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