Thursday, December 22, 2016

Day 357

and gift exchange

Of course, I forgot to actually take pictures at the Christmas celebration at the Bernina/Janome store. They had a super spread of food that deserved a photo. It was nice to just sit and talk with the other employees and meet a couple of former employees who showed up for a little while. I stayed for almost 2 1/2 hours and then when I got home I discovered that Ed was over helping Dave with a computer set-up problem. Ed said he was more moral support than help!

I received this Shimmer FizzyBody Lotion along with a quilting book from Annette at work. This is sold by Bath and Body Works. Now I'm going to sparkle for sure!
Prior to showing up at "work" for the party, I stopped at Dave's brother Bob's home to drop off gifts he had purchased with Jill's help to give to the residents and staff. We will go visit him on Christmas day but didn't want to wait until then to bring the gifts he would be giving out. Dave had to go to my Aunt Eileen's to bring her headphones back to her after working on them to try to figure out why the base stopped working. He thinks she had simply touched the wrong button and thereby changed the channel on the headset so the two parts were not on the same channel. Anyway, they are now working again for her.

Now I have some potatoes boiling and onions and butter ready to be fried up for pierogi that I will be making tomorrow. Enough busyness for today!

Onions and Butter.....lots of butter!

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