Monday, December 26, 2016

Day 361

in Bellingham with the whole family  

What a great time we had together. Opening gifts, eating prime rib with all the fixings, snacking on M&M's, playing games, eating pierogi in the early evening (burp), laughing and just enjoying an extended time together. The roads were pretty traffic-free by the time we left for home at 8:30 pm. Jason rode with us and he has to work tomorrow.

Grandma made Seahawks pillowcases for Saben

Beemer and Maple got along wonderfully, but Beemer still prefers sitting on a lap!

Just can't resist climbing in the box

Oooohh, look what I got!

Let's just see how many can be on their cell phones at the same time. And check out Saben's new Rubik's Cube collection.

Time for a little virtual reality

The electric bike that Kyle purchased and is testing

Shauna takes a turn with Saben's paint ball gun

Let's see how the trampoline handles us and the snow
Prepping for the delicious prime rib "lunch"

The adults played Myron's new game and then later switched to Pounce

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