Thursday, December 15, 2016

Day 350

Senior rate only $1 each each way for a total of $4!

We left home at about 1:10 and drove to Issaquah to take the express  bus to Seattle. We got there at just the right time to get on board the earlier bus than what Dave had planned. Easy peasy ride. We were amazed at how many of the people spent the entire time on their cell phone. We managed to talk to a nice young man who was heading in to the Seahawks game so the 25 minute ride went quickly.

Here are some of the sites we saw.

This crazy monk fish began moving around when we least expected it.
Those were some huge lobster tails!

Octopus anyone? You've got to love the Pike Place Market

This is just one of the many people we came upon who either sang or played an instrument. Ugh. They were all pretty bad.

This was the only window we saw that was decorated for Christmas. Macy's.

Westlake Mall Tree

Inside the Pacific Center, where the Salvation Army quartet was playing as we ate an early dinner

There's my honey!

That was a huge plate of fish and chips. Yummy but couldn't eat it all.

Some of the downtown lights

There is the old Bon Marche star....oops. Macy's...sniff, sniff.

Sheraton Hotel Gingerbread houses were Harry Potter Theme

Another One

Chihuly Glass

You can hardly tell these are made of gingerbread


A new construction site that we happened upon on our walk to the bus stop.

We were home by 7:20 and ready to settle in for the night. All in all a good day.

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