Friday, December 9, 2016

Day 344

and the small amount of snow hasn't slowed me down

First I drove to the Bernina store for the 2nd of 5 classes to learn about the 7 series Bernina sewing machines. I did not bring my sewing machine because I had other obligations all afternoon and didn't want to leave it in the back of my car during this freezing weather. I took notes and managed to learn a few things I didn't already know.

Patty is helping Rebecca
Then it was off to Merrely's house for our pinochle game. Woo Hoo! I ended up with the highest score so took home $5 and to top it off, I had the only double pinochle of the day, so my partner and I each got $8! Usually it would only be $2 each but the pot grew since no one had a double pinochle in the last several games. This is a great group of ladies.
Merrely, Joan, Brita and Donna
MaryAnn, Brita, Merrely and Ann

Wyona, Donna and Joan
After pinochle I drove to Shauna's house to have some one-on-one time with Charlotte during Hailey's Brownie meeting, BUT.....Shauna forgot to call me and let me know that because of the "snow" the moms had cancelled the meeting. I stayed for about 1/2 hour and visited then drove toward home, calling Dave to let him know I was coming home early. He and Ed were at Marv's visiting, so I decided to just stop by and visit with Merrely again. After a nice chat, I was ready to get home, greet Beemer and relax for the evening.

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