Monday, December 19, 2016

Day 354

at Vince's....too bad some couldn't be there

I got a call from my aunt this morning saying that she needed to go to the doctor at 2:00 today and could I take her. She had something that broke open on her back and the nurse where she lives told her to get to the doctor today. So off we went. Turns out it was a nasty abscess and I watched as the doctor expressed bloody pus from of the reasons I could NEVER be a nurse. It just grosses me out too much. Anyway, we had to pick up an antibiotic for her and she had a pneumonia shot. She had one a couple of years ago, but as I discovered recently, we all need this new and additional injection. Back home and trying to finish up an embroidery project that I began this morning.

Then off to dinner with our Bible Study group.

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