Monday, November 28, 2016

Day 333

and it felt great!

Finished this and got it hung up.
I am working on a few projects simultaneously and I must like that because I keep doing it! I am a bit compulsive and anxious to begin a project. Then sometimes I get bogged down in the middle and move on to another sewing project. I do have a short attention span! I'm almost done binding a table runner and I may just go finish it so I can get the photo posted here as well.

Viola! Done. Table Runner done. I still need to make a label for the back.

Up close to see the quilting stitches. It looks like it was hand stitched, but I used 30 weight variegated Sulky thread with a special stitch available on the Bernina machine. It was a snap to do the binding using the #71 foot. LOVE IT! Never again will I hand stitch the binding.
Good boy. Sleep away. I have found him chewing on both of these type of long quilting pins. I wonder how many he has in his tummy. He EATS everything he finds on the floor. The other day he grabbed a dryer sheet as I took the clothes out of the dryer and he had it half eaten by the time I discovered that he had it. When he got on my lap the next morning.....he didn't feel any softer. Hehe.

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