Saturday, November 26, 2016

Day 331

it's been a day

I was in my bathrobe until 11:45 am this morning trying to do another search for a Panama Canal cruise and managing to get rooms booked for the Scotts and us. Phew. I spoke with Alan from Travel with Alan (he was actually in town!) and after consulting back and forth with the Scotts, we all bit the bullet and did it! Cruise, airfare, 1 night hotel stay, Ultimate drink package, upgrade to balcony for Scotts and mini-suite for us. We still need to check our passports and make sure they will still be in effect in April. And PRAY that we can manage to stay healthy!!
scribbling out some numbers while on the phone, guessing at airfare, tips, taxes, etc. to compare.

I quickly got my clothes on in time to get out the door for the memorial service for the mother of one of our Bible Study friends. She left quite a wonderful legacy of Christianity. The ultimate musical family. Piano and vocal.  One grandson is a pastor and I think her son is also a pastor. They showed a video of a 2 year old great granddaughter who belted out The Lord's Prayer in tune!

It was about a 1 hour 45 minute memorial service. Beautiful music and testimonials.

Then Shauna called to ask if they could borrow our truck so we decided to just drive it over to their house, visit for a bit and let them keep the truck so they can get their tree tomorrow, in addition to hauling home the new freezer they purchased from Lowe's on Black Saturday.
Here is the de-fleaed flea-bag!

Poor Beemer. I had just trimmed his toenails and toe hair, bathed him and defleaed him a couple of days ago, but the fleas were back. His bedding is all in the washer right now so hopefully we can get things under control. I don't know if he picks up more fleas when he goes for a walk with Dave or if those pesky critters are living in my office carpet, but it is a real problem. He is a funny little dog.

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