Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Day 320

for my Aunt Eileen

It began with a call from my aunt who was frustrated because she couldn't get through by phone to the Group Health pharmacy. Two of her medications that she ordered a week ago hadn't arrived yet and she needed them.

I already had a list of items she needed me to purchase, so off I went to Walgreens, the bank, the dollar store, the grocery store and then to Group Health. While there I stopped at the injection room since I got a notification that I needed my 2nd pneumonia shot. I already had one two years ago but didn't realize that now they want us to get a 2nd one at least one year later. Ugh. Then it took forever for my number to come up at Group Health pharmacy because I discovered that they were in the process of changing their pharmacy system so things were a bit slow. I found out that her meds were in process somewhere, but I managed to get one prescription filled and only a 3 day emergency supply of the other one because they didn't have enough in stock. Then it was off to deliver all this stuff to my aunt.

By then it was time for her to go upstairs and get her insulin injection and go to the dining room for dinner. It was raining and I was eager to get home. Last week Dave purchased a headset for her TV so she wouldn't disturb her neighbors since her hearing is poor. Today she told me that they work GREAT! I think she is set now for another couple of weeks. 

Several items were purchased here and I managed to find SIX large print crossword puzzle books. A gold mine today! It has been difficult to find them lately and Eileen mostly reads and does crosswords to fill her days.

I had to take her picture. She has been letting her hair grow out since it is so expensive to get it cut. It sure grows fast!

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