Sunday, November 27, 2016

Day 332

Happy Anniversary to us!

Too bad....I forgot to take a photo of our dinner date. We decided to go back to the restaurant that serves the very best rib eye steak. Melrose Grill in Renton. Yum. We did manage to eat most of our meal, but we brought home a bit of steak for tomorrow. Usually this restaurant doesn't take reservations and there is a line waiting outside the door. Dave called and managed to get an early reservation....4:20 pm. Early Bird Special. Except there was no special on the price. $35 per rib eye meal. Garlic mashed potatoes, vegetables, salad and rolls. We each had a nice glass of cab that was a perfect accompaniment to the steak. After the Seahawks game people began to show up and pretty soon is was packed. They don't need to take reservations and if one of your party is not on time when they buzz you to tell you your table is ready, they give you a 10 minute grace period for the missing person to show up and then they give your table to the next party in line. They have limited seating, but the food is worth it.

We were a bit frustrated to see so many people wearing hats and knit caps and even a hoodie as they ate their meal. Sure wish there was some sort of dress code. I guess that is another sign of our age. After we ate, we went to Pete and Shauna's so Dave could bring our pick up home.  Here is a photo of Dave relaxing this evening.

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