Saturday, November 12, 2016

Day 317

I was ssoooo tired by the time I got home

We drove up to a big bazaar at the clubhouse at Echo Falls Golf Course in Snohomish which had wonderfully crafted items. Then on to another place that we weren't sure just where it was, but it was huge, crowded and just had too much stuff to really look closely at and not much in the way of Christmas decorations. Not that I was complaining! I went to spend the day with Merrely and Sherrie not to buy stuff that I don't need or want. The third stop was a longer stay at Country Village in Bothell, where we had time to have lunch and stroll leisurely through the shops. There were about 30 of us who went on this foray, leaving from our church parking lot. It was fun to visit with friends that I don't normally see on Sunday morning since we attend the early service and others go on Saturday night or later on Sunday.

Jennifer and Kathy each bought these Christmas bird house entry thingys.

Third stop was Country Village in Bothell, where the chickens roam free.

And Santa's reindeer take a little vacation from the North Pole.

Hello. How do you do??

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