Friday, November 25, 2016

Day 330

my aunt called....

because she had still not received one of her medications and had been on hold with the pharmacy at Group Health to no avail. SO. I called and was on hold for 20 minutes and when someone answered they told me that her medications were ready to be picked up at the pharmacy. Ugh. They are supposed to mail them to her care facility. Off I went to pick up her medications.

Unfortunately Group Health is merging with Kaiser Permanente and things are changing. I was told there was a bit of a wait so they offered free coffee. I got a mocha with soy milk and sat down to wait. The guy next to me told me he had been there for 2 hours! Patience.....

After 20 minutes, my number was called and I was told that I could get a 3 day emergency supply. I explained that that is what I got a week or more ago and that she still has not received her medications in the mail. So, go ahead and sit down and we will fill her prescription with 87 pills instead of the regular amount of 90. One hour later, they were ready. They still could not reasonably reassure me that her other meds on order would be sent to her. I expressed that I did not want to have to come and pick up her medications but that they needed to be sure they are sent directly to her (which they have always done in the past.)

Off I went to Safeway to get a bag of cat food that Eileen had requested, then on to drop her things off and visit a bit.

I decided I should just go on to JoAnn's Fabrics to get a few items that I needed for Christmas presents. That took longer than anticipated and of course the card reader machine locked up so I needed to wait while the cashier called headquarters to get things unstuck. I was ready to get home!

And have a glass of wine to unwind. I hope tomorrow is more relaxing.

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