Friday, October 14, 2016

Day 288

and he's getting BIG!

No matter what he may be doing, when one of us fills our glass with ice, Beemer is up and ready to grab a stray cube that may fall on the floor. Even if one doesn't get away from us, we usually give him one to chew on. Beemer truly is the ultimate lapdog. I sure hope he has reached his adult size as he is quite a lap full! He is almost 8 months old and 13" tall and almost 17 pounds.

One thing that I didn't realize is just how active these guys are! Beemer loves to play fetch and tug of war. Just like Frodo, if he doesn't get enough exercise he will run in circles around the house until he gets it out of his system.

He sleeps through the night just fine (always has) in his crate and since Dave is usually up before me, Beemer will eagerly await my exit from the bedroom. Then he whimpers and whines until we sit together in my chair and he licks my face (I know some wouldn't like that) and we have our little love fest. He can sleep on my lap for an hour or two during the day if I let him. Unfortunately he is kind of like me in that he is more awake in the evening and wants to play. This has had a negative impact on our nightly TV routine! He wants attention and he will go ring his potty bell several times to make us get up to go to the door, only to realize that he is just toying with us. I'm not quite sure how to turn his internal clock around so he is more calm at night, but maybe things will change as he reaches adulthood. In another oh, let's say, year or two!

Beemer is a real pest when I'm eating. We do not give him people food, but my oh my he sure wants it!! I need to work harder at training him to not try to jump in my lap during dinner or when I have a snack.

And here he is back at my side, jumping on my lap and making it difficult to type so I better stop here. Oh, did I mention that he has a thing for my ear lobes? He is always trying to lick them. Silly boy!!

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