Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Day 279

I made these this afternoon

I really thought I was doing well today. I got a haircut while Dave shopped for our groceries and then I set about making these breakfast muffins. Just as I was getting them into the muffin tins, my hip and knee began hurting really bad. Dave cleaned up for me and I went into the bedroom and elevated and iced. Very frustrating that I am still having such pain. 

I did manage to drive the car around our neighborhood so I know I'm good to get behind the wheel. No problem there. I even visited Jennie, next door, after dinner and then went over to Ed's for about an hour to talk about the VP debate. Just a tad bit too much for my knee today, so now I'm ready to crawl into bed and try to sleep. Oh, once again I forgot to take a photo of the actual muffins during the process. I don't know how I will ever complete this year of daily photos. 

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