Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Haarlem, Amsterdam and Corrie Tenboom's house

Today we braved the wind, cold and rain to take the train to Haarlem. It was a 10 minute ride. Then it was just a bit of a walk, several blocks, to get to Carriers house. We had to wait about 20 minutes to go on the one hour tour. It was quite interesting and since I had seen photos of her home, it felt like I had been there before. Just like Amsterdam, everyone bikes to their destination. Rain or shine, day or night, bikers are everywhere. Did I already mentioned that motorcycles and scooters also use the bike lanes? Then add in the buses, trams and cars and you have a real mess.

The side door
View to outside through front windows

The narrow 2 ft by about 9 ft area where people were hidden

The linen closet where people had to crawl in through the lower shelf and replace linens and then close the "door"
Living Room where we were given an overview of Corrie's life and family
Not much is original, but the sconces and the 2 clocks belonged to the Tenboom family

The outside of house

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