Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Trying to play catch up

I am getting way behind in making meaningful posts. LOTS has happened, so bear with me. He are day 2 on the Amacerto riverboat, but I need to go back a few days.

Sharon and I have had a wonderful 2 days in Brig, Switzerland. It is very expensive in Switzerland. For example I saw a beautiful winter coat. Very stylish and only $1800. I won't be bringing that home. I discovered Raclette, which is a very simple meal of raclette cheese, boiled new potatoes, pearl onions and pickle. Sounds strange, but look it up on the Internet. It was only $9.50 per person and I ate it 3 times! Cheap food, comparatively speaking. Oh and Swiss chocolate really is good but one piece of.candy had to do because it is as much as it is at home.

When we arrived in Brig, we heard music and discovered that just a few blocks from our hotel there was some sort of beer festival going on. We still don't know what it was but lots of people were outside drinking beer and having a civilized nice time. We took lots of photos and found it to be very interesting.  We felt totally safe walking around at night.

The next morning we took a local "red" train to Zermatt and found that if we wanted to see the Matterhorn we would need to go on another train (another €80) to go further up the mountains. I haven't added up all the money spent in train fares but it will be a sizeable chunk! First we took the train as far as it went, then had to get off and travel by bus to St. Nikolas  (which the bus driver called Santa Clause, then onto a cog train to get up to a fabulous spot to view the Matterhorn. We met a wonderful couple on the train and they were planning on hiking down from one of the towns along the way for about 2 hours.I forgot where they were from but they spoke pretty good English. The people we have met all along great the way have been so nice and helpful that I wonder what visitors to our country think of us!!

It was beautiful scenery driving through the Alps. We took lots of pictures and yet I couldn't get a photo of the 2 black cows that had HUGE bells hanging from their necks. The houses are just as you would imagine  they would be. Totally made me think of Heidi and The Sound of Music. I fell in love with Switzerland.

After we got back to our hotel it was dark out, but we went out to eat a Schnitzel dinner and then walked several blocks to a very old castle. It was too late to go in but the Castle Garden area was beautiful with all the lights on. I don't have time or energy to look up all the names of things right now. Sharon is asleep and although we got up at 5 am this morning to watch us leave Basel I'm still wide awake. Here are some photos but I will have to leave it to you to figure them out. I bet you will recognize the Matterhorn!

Baby with ear protection from all the loud music. Mom is part of the festivities.

Anna from the train to Brig
Love this phone system the desk in the Victoria Hotel
Some sort of festival

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