Saturday, November 14, 2015

Milan....A crazy busy train station

Why, why, why won't there ticket machines work to buy our tickets to Brig, Switzerland. Card denied, card denied, card denied! Both of us tried our debit cards, because unfortunately the machines require use of a card with a pin. So here we are waiting 30 to 40 minutes for our number to come up to be able to speak with an agent to purchase our tickets. So frustrating because we had to give up our hope of taking an earlier train and will now have to wait another hour. Ugggh. Masses of people here. Don't want to come to Milan ever again. Not that I've seen anything other than the train station!

And back off people!!!
Why do they need to stand so close to me when there is plenty of room to stand and talk? Guess I'm thinking pickpockets. We already had a very well dressed man asking for money on the train. Luckily one of  our compartment mates translated for us that his wife is pregnant and they have other children. She said it was a lie and he should get a job.
There were a few newer building to interfere with the quaintness.
Crowfed train in the aisles.

Crowded with lots of confused passengers.
And even more people, but no gypsies in sight.

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Shauna said...

It sounds like you are doing more train riding than seeing/enjoying Italy! I'm looking forward to more stories about your explorations. Go out and see stuff! ;) Do you have a rick steves' book so when you are in a town, you can make a point to get out and see the cool stuff? I wish you'd made it to Varenna! Looking forward to pictures of Switzerland!