Friday, November 13, 2015

Rapallo, Italy, Finally

It is now Saturday, November 14th, and we are now on the 8:43 am train from Ravalli to Milan. So let's  back up a bit.

Yesterday after finally getting to Rapallo and dropping our bags at our hotel (the Europa) for safekeeping because it was only noon and checking wasn't until 2 pm, we went to the nearest atmosphere machine and for more euros because we were both  out. Then we  began walking along the waterfront  taking photos and enjoying the warm, sunny weather when we happened upon a man selling purses. I didn't put up much resistance and ended up bargaining a good prize for a lovely red handbag, which I am now using instead of the big, heavy black tote that Janet tell loaned me. Sharonville bought a smaller handbag for next to nothing. We continued our walking up a long winding road toward S. Margarita. It was beautiful but we were facing the traffic and a very windy and narrow road so the many cars and scooters looked like they would run right into us! We finally a got to a place where we could catch a bus to take us the rest of the way.

We were hungry by then so we stopped at a wonderful  pizzeria and ordered a glass of sparkling white wine and split a pizza for €8 (which is about  $8.50.) They didn't speak English so they tried to show us and tell us that the pizza was very small, maybe 8 inches. That was OK with us but when they brought it out, you can see from the photo it was much bigger then they said. We were enjoying our pizza when the waitress asked if we wanted "dulce" or dessert and we indicated that we were too full. She came back to our table with a bottle of lemon cello and two short glasses indicated she was leaving and waves goodbye to us as she left through the front door and went up the sidewalk. We were wondering  if they wold charge us for this yummy delight or if they were just treating us extra nice.

We were all alone in the restaurant with no server and no one manning the cash register but I got up and looked through the door to the other half of the restaurant and a man was sitting there and jumped up to see what I needed. I indicated that we were ready to pay and he brought us our bill. We thought he said €50 and we assumed since the pizza was so big and we had access to a whole bottle of lemon cello that maybe that was a reasonable price. We certainly had a wonderful time there. Thankfully, it was only €15 which was a  euro less that it should have been, considering €8 pizza and €4 per glass of wine. We were SO happy! Look at the picture showing the view from our table out the front door. Crazy traffic!

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