Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Volunteering at VMC

It has been about 3 months since I began volunteering at Valley Medical Center in Renton. My commitment is only for 4 hours once a week, so really, it is a minimal amount of time, but I sure do love it! I get to work in the gift shop, a wonderland of treasures. I thought I would take a few photos of my environment during my time today.

I can usually be found behind the counter at the cash register....

when I'm not refilling the shelves or tidying up the displays.

Today there was a Harvest Festival held in the big gathering area right beyond our wide open gift shop. The CEO, Rich Roodman, (who is a very nice and personable man by the way) gave the award for the employee of the month.
I think Mr. Roodman's face is hidden by a balloon!

There was food to eat and then the various departments offered their pumpkin creations to be judged. Here is a sample of their creative work:

This event was over in about an hour and everyone went back to work, a brief respite from the daily grind I'm sure! If you ever need to order flowers for someone in the hospital, my advice is to check with the hospital and see if they have a flower department, like VMC, and just call in an order and have it delivered right to your friend's room, with NO DELIVERY FEE! Our flower department makes the most beautiful arrangements and we sell lots of them! We also have plants for sale. Our floral prices are very reasonable. Oh, and here is just a sample of the BABY goods, among other fun stuff, that I get tempted by every Wednesday!
Isn't this just the CUTEST Bearington doggy coat??

Look at that cute tail on the back!

Stop in for a visit sometime and check out our wonderful purses, jewelry, scarves, knick-knacks, lotions, and baby items. Come and buy some things so I can enjoy the experience through you and not put another dent in my pocketbook!

Oh, I should mention that yesterday all the hospital volunteers were honored with a lunch at the Doubletree at Southcenter. It was very nicely done and the food was GREAT! Thanks, VMC.

I have volunteered for lots of things over the course of my lifetime and I find that volunteering in the hospital setting is very fulfilling. When I was in my early 20's (before kids) I volunteered at Providence Hospital in Portland, OR, and had the pleasure of pushing a cart full of craft items to patient's rooms and giving them an opportunity to be creative. I can't stand the blood and guts part of hospital work, but I especially like dealing with patients, staff and the public.

You know you are volunteering at the right place when you feel like the satisfaction you get far outweighs the time and energy involved. If you haven't found your niche, try volunteering for something that will bring you pleasure and be a help to others.

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Shar said...

Looks like you found your niche! Good for you!

Those pumpkin creations are awesome. What a fun event.