Saturday, October 23, 2010

Knitted Hats for my grandkids

I got the idea to make pumpkin hats for my granddaughters about 2 weeks ago and looked online for a pattern. This is the one I chose:

This is the main site that I used that has lots of good information and patterns:

I used Red Heart acrylic yarn and made all 3 hats from one skein and have enough left over for at least one more. Evening TV viewing allowed me to complete these hats in no time at all.

All Done!

I used circular needles until I reached a time when I needed to switch to 4 or 5 needles.

This is Hailey trying on the hat before I finished the vine and leaf.

Sweet Annika trying on her hat.

Shauna with Hailey and Charlotte when they went to Trinity Pumpkin Patch.

The gray hat is a helmet style hat that I made with Lion Brand Homespun yarn and since I was experimenting, it turned out rather goofy. I gave that one to Saben until I can get this one in the mail to him. I told his mom, Kari, that it is OK for him NOT to wear it out in public! He had fun clowning around with it anyway.

Here is Saben in his crazy gray hat. He has a washable tattoo on his neck.

Saben's REAL hat!

I did most of the work on this hat on the trip to Bellingham today. Too bad I didn't get it done on the way there! I would have been able to give it to Saben but now I will have to mail it. I made this out of Patons brand yarn "Classic Wool" working two strands together and once again I found the pattern online:

As I mentioned, we drove up to Bellingham today. We stopped to visit Dave's sister and husband for a bit and then went on to our son Kyle's home. We brought Dave's brother, Bob, with us since he hadn't seen where Kyle and Kari and the kids live. We all drove out to Everson, which is Northeast of Bellingham and were amazed to see such a large "pumpkin patch" that included several animals, a tiny train that the kids could have a ride on (at $3 each mind you!) They also had a corn maze (a more simple one since they plan on lots of tots and parents,) cotton candy, donuts, etc. etc. etc. They didn't have such things when we were raising our kids! Didn't we all just go to the grocery store and pick out the finest we could find? Oh, and it was a cheap treat in those days! It did begin raining when we headed to the corn maze, but we all had a good time in spite of it.

Kari's parents and her brother, his wife and their son Seth also drove up to take part in this adventure. So here we were all 12 of us and wouldn't you know that one of the grandparents remarked that this was pretty neat that we don't have to count heads anymore! We aren't in charge! What a relief that was to just tag along and watch things unfold before our eyes.

Seth, Saben & Annika are cousins

Here is the little train

Seth, Saben & Annika ready to get moving!
Searching among the pumpkins and gourds for the perfect pumpkin.

Sweet Success!


Shar said...

Looks like a wonderful family time up north today. The hats are adorable. You are so ambitious.

Lani said...

I love the hats!