Sunday, October 17, 2010

Charlotte Marie Myron

It is now official! Our newest granddaughter has a name. It seems that the old style names are coming back into fashion these days and we are very happy to announce that Baby's name is Charlotte! The name is French and means "petite" and "feminine." It will be fun to watch this wee one grow into her name. Dave immediately took to referring to her as Charlie, although Shauna doesn't want her to have a nick name. I like the nickname Lottie, but think I will just be calling her Charlotte. Don't want to cause any waves with Mom and Dad!! Besides, Charlotte is really a pretty regal sounding name!

Two Hours Old

One Week Old
Two Weeks Old (zzzzzz...)
Three Weeks Old

Guess Who! This is Hailey on her birth day
And I'm sure you guessed, this is Charlotte on her birth day.
They could be identical twins!!


Shauna said...

"like" :)

Shar said...

Well, I think her nickname should be Char, pronounced Shar (which is what I mostly go by on the internet!). ;)

She is adorable.